Revealing Greece

When we departed for a ludicrously expensive multi-generational, guided, two-week tour to Greece, I imagined gaping at the architecturally perfect Parthenon, feeling spiritually-centered in Delphi, home of the Oracle, center of the Earth.

Our Dear Fathers

The nights were still cold in the Northeast, and the freight train lurched and shook while we sat in silence against its wall. I climbed the side of the car to look out to the dark hills and then into a forest.

Homeless in Barcelona

Through the grocery store window, I saw her lips move and her head rise and fall in front of the stacks...Barcelonans weaved around her and hurried toward the cash register.

Costa Rica

This place hasn’t been known to the globalized world without a day of mining it for its riches – it’s a tumult that manifests itself in the quick, uneasy glance of a street vendor...